Are You Struggling to Find Leads for Your Network Marketing Business?

When I was starting in my network marketing business two years ago, it was Pastor Rod Nichols (a 29 year veteran in network marketing) who guided me on how to get started in this business. Although he was in a different company and not in my upline, he was generous in sharing his time and wisdom.

So when I received an email from him few weeks ago, I was excited to open it.

Rod Nichols wrote:

As a fellow network marketer, you probably recognize that there are several inherent problems in network marketing:

  1. Takes too long for the average person to make money.
  2. New associates quickly run out of warm market prospects.
  3. New associates are afraid to approach people.
  4. Most people don’t know how to build on the internet.
  5. Many people never receive effective training.

Due primarily to these factors only about 2% of those involved in network marketing make a legitimate full-time income.

My question to you is: What would happen to your business and the businesses of those in your downline, if we could eliminate these five factors? The correct answer is that your business would explode and your income would skyrocket, as would that of many of those in your network.

I know that this sounds good, but you’re probably wondering, “Rod, how are we going to eliminate the five factors?” That’s an excellent question and in the balance of this e-mail, I’m going to show you exactly how.”

You may want to know more how Rod Nichols does it.


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